February 15, 2009


Over a delicious steak dinner Friday night, Aaron and I realized we have been together for ten Valentine's Days. So we tried to remember the different things we've done to celebrate over the years.

Our very first Valentine's Day together Aaron took me to see The Wizard of Oz...ON ICE. He must have been out of his mind in puppy love, because, oh my Toto, ON ICE!?

And one year, he took me to see The Phantom of the Opera. I'm pretty sure he asked if I was ready to leave during intermission, very casually, you know, like "So? Are you ready to go?" As if we were watching a mediocre artist draw a sidewalk chalk mural, and there was really no need to stay 'til the end.

And there was that year he showed up with a bag full of "little things that symbolize what I love about you." And y'all thought I was the cheese factory in this relationship. I can't remember what all was in the bag. It was just wacky little drugstore stuff like stickers and Lip Smackers. But I do remember he had a creative explanation for what each item meant.

Since we've been married we've:

1) I can't remember our first Valentine's as a married couple

2) Aaron was out of town so I emailed him pictures of me and the dogs, stinkin' romantic I tell ya

3) Went to the drive-through at Taco Bueno and rented a movie

4) Had steak dinner at a fancy restaurant where we waited an hour past our reservation time to be seated at a table the size of a menu approximately three feet away from the next table the size of a menu, and had a very lovely time playing footsie, enjoying each other's company and conversation about the last ten years, how much butter was on my baked potato, and also the large number of hot young women dining with men seemingly twice their age.

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