March 28, 2007


Renee', Katie and I ran the Capital 10K on Sunday. 6.2 miles to be exact! We finished in an hour and twenty minutes. It was a fun run with bands about every mile or so, friendly Austinites lining the neighborhood streets to cheer on the 16,000 participants and great weather for a morning run in Austin. I've never run that far before, and I couldn't have done it without my little sister's encouragement, new running shoes from my sweet husband that energized my feet the whole way, and looking for my BFF Audrey at the finish line!

Now Aaron and I are going to shoot for running the 5K Schlotzsky's Bun Run in just a few weeks.

March 14, 2007


Check out the house Aaron and I are thinking about buying. It's about 1,600 square feet, built in 2000 and on the lake!

March 09, 2007


Aaron recently got Sadie a new cuddle-muffin, Gitzy. After this nap, Scoop promptly removed one of Gitzy's eyes and added Gitzy-stuffing to her diet.

I tried to sit Scoop down and have a talk with her about not destroying Sadie's toys. But she just looked at Aaron and said, "Tell her I'm just a baby."


It's 6:45 Wednesday night. I had a good day at the office, a nice work out, and I'm ready for dinner. What shall I have? Something quick and easy. Pasta with chicken of course! To speed things up, I'll cook the chicken breast in the microwave. . . Well, in true Angela-cooking fashion, I didn't pay much attention to what I was doing and set the microwave to cook for 15 minutes. Now if you've ever cooked chicken, or anything for that matter, in the microwave you realize that 15 minutes is a very long time. So the pasta was boiling, the chicken was microwaving, so I went into the living room to chat with Aaron. About 14 minutes later we realized something was smelling really bad and smoke was billowing out of the microwave. Needless to say, my chicken breast was DONE. The entire house smelled awful and smoke was hovering in the kitchen; but Aaron still found humor in yet another one of my cooking mishaps. (it was pretty darn funny) I wish I'd thought to take pictures of the shriveled, crispy, black mound that was supposed to be my dinner -- instead, I took pictures of the plate after I'd scraped the charred remains into the trashcan.

March 01, 2007


Happy Birthday to Aubrey! She turned ONE on February 19th. Aaron and I got to go to her first birthday party, along with her proud Mom and Dad, all her other aunts and uncles, cousin Alyse, Grandad and Nana, Great-Granny, and Aunt Jean.

Mmmmmm, pink cupcake!

Ode to the One Year Old. Andrea put together the coolest decoration for Aubrey's party. It was a banner made of pictures of Aubrey from birth to now. (She put the pictures in this slideshow for the Silvethorne Blog, so I yoinked it from there.)

Aubrey's first trip to Durango, Colorado - Purgatory Ski Mountain; just a few days after her birthday.