January 31, 2008


Our family is growing by leaps and bounds. . . and babies! My baby sister is having a baby! Can you even believe it?!

This picture pretty much sums up how I feel about my sister. We mirror one another in so many ways, but are also so different. And if I could only stand with my arm around her forever and keep her safe and warm, I would. Can you see on my face in this picture how proud I am of my little sister and how much I love her? Well, even if you think you can, you'll still never know how much.

This August, Baby Robertson will be born into a family where love knows no bounds, into a home with charismatic parents and a Pug. What a lucky kid.

I can't wait to meet you, Baby R., and show you all the butterflies and bright rainbows that await you.
(Baby R's Aunt-Gi)

January 28, 2008


This past weekend Kristen, Zoe and I went to Dallas to hang out with the girls and Heather before baby Kennedy is born. Heather is beautiful, as always. We had a really nice time; gabbing, Pretty Woman, games, playing with Zoe, wine (except the expecting Mom, of course), the most Lovely women in the world for company. . . what more can you ask. We are excited to welcome Kennedy Renee' into our circle.

I have to note, Heather is only in her pajamas because we remembered to take this picture right before we all headed home on Sunday. So the travelers HAD to get out of our pajamas.

January 25, 2008


Several months ago, Aaron spotted this old chair and its twin at a dumpster. Although they were covered in old, dirty vinyl, they were overflowing with personality and spirit and I knew they could have a new life if only given the chance. So we adopted them, loaded them in the truck and brought them to our home.

Then the fun began! What will make these chairs feel fabulous? A bold colorful print? A subtle graphic design? A solid texturized fabric? After many hours of searching for the right new fabric, Aaron even clocked some minutes in the search, I finally chose a classic neutral - it's soft with a bit of texture and the color is such that I will be able to accent the chairs with colorful pillows and use the pair with different color schemes as time goes on. In short, they're versatile.
Are you ready for the big reveal?



Aren't they cool?! I had the small yellow pillows made out of similar fabric. It's hard to see the detail, but there is a design that gives the pillows more interest. If you click on the picture, a larger version will open.

I love the chairs! I still need to stain the legs a darker color, but I am so pleased with how they've turned out!

January 23, 2008


If Wimberley is Where Heaven and the Hills Hold Hands; then Purgatory mountain at Durango is where Heaven and the Mountains Hold Hands. I love that place. Even when it's below freezing, I have a warm and fuzzy feeling inside from the one-thousand good memories I have of spending time there; from being a little kid with my brother and sister to seeing my sweet sister-in-law learn to ski (and become a pro at it) to having a smooch with my hubby at 11,000 feet. It is one of the top three places on Earth I long to be.

Aaron and I had a nice trip with my Mom and Dad. We skied three wonderful days. . . beautiful weather, almost perfect snow conditions (I would say perfect, but when you've skied fresh powder, it's hard to say anything is perfect if it's not fresh), and the best company. We had a little tournament of Spades one night. I won't say who dominated; I wouldn't want to embarrass anyone.

One night, all of the Snowcats came out and parked in front of our condo. There were probably seven or eight of them. The drivers all got out and disappeared for about an hour, and when they returned, I watched them all take-off and crawl up the mountain, like a little army in the moonlight. I watched them peel off one by one to their assigned trail, and followed the glow of lights floating up so high.

I concluded it would be okay to be lost at night on a mountain because at least you would be able to see well as the moon reflects so brightly off snow; and you wouldn't die of dehydration because you could eat snow; and you would be able to hear any bogey-men or bears approaching because snow crunches when you walk. Plus, if you were wondering what direction to go, just head in the direction of Down, duh.

ATB also spent some quality time admiring the scenery from the window. I wonder what types of important conclusions he came to while contemplating the snowy mountainside?

January 11, 2008


Happy New Year!

Ok, so I've been waiting for something blogtastic to hit me and jump start my blogging again. Sorry I was kind of in a weird spot at the close of December, and then the last 10 days have flown by!

So what is so blogtastic? THIS

Can you even believe it?! The irony is mind-boggling! (okay, maybe not mind-boggling, but definitely a little uncanny) Considering my recent obsession with another wrestling family, and the fact that this family is from Texas. . . Ummm, Dear Universe, are you reading my diary?

Aaron and I are anxiously awaiting the premiere on January 22, 9 pm, 8 Central. I have a feeling our DVR may have found a new favorite show.

In other news, we spent last weekend on Lake Palestine with family celebrating Aaron's grandfather's 80th birthday. Poppa is an amazing man. Aaron reminds me a lot of him, with his quiet nature and gentle soul. Every ounce of his being is genuine and loving.
We had a great time relaxing lake-side, and Aaron and his Uncle Kyle fished. Saturday night we had a fish fry and played the Wii until we Wiied out. Poppa and his daughters (Aaron's mom and aunt) were big-time league bowlers in the days gone by. They have all kinds of awards and trophies. So it's particularly fun to Bowl on the Wii and watch everyone's style and finesse. I must say, I think I'm a better virtual bowler than real-life bowler. Plus I like bowling barefoot, which I'm pretty sure is not allowed at bowling alleys.