January 11, 2008


Happy New Year!

Ok, so I've been waiting for something blogtastic to hit me and jump start my blogging again. Sorry I was kind of in a weird spot at the close of December, and then the last 10 days have flown by!

So what is so blogtastic? THIS

Can you even believe it?! The irony is mind-boggling! (okay, maybe not mind-boggling, but definitely a little uncanny) Considering my recent obsession with another wrestling family, and the fact that this family is from Texas. . . Ummm, Dear Universe, are you reading my diary?

Aaron and I are anxiously awaiting the premiere on January 22, 9 pm, 8 Central. I have a feeling our DVR may have found a new favorite show.

In other news, we spent last weekend on Lake Palestine with family celebrating Aaron's grandfather's 80th birthday. Poppa is an amazing man. Aaron reminds me a lot of him, with his quiet nature and gentle soul. Every ounce of his being is genuine and loving.
We had a great time relaxing lake-side, and Aaron and his Uncle Kyle fished. Saturday night we had a fish fry and played the Wii until we Wiied out. Poppa and his daughters (Aaron's mom and aunt) were big-time league bowlers in the days gone by. They have all kinds of awards and trophies. So it's particularly fun to Bowl on the Wii and watch everyone's style and finesse. I must say, I think I'm a better virtual bowler than real-life bowler. Plus I like bowling barefoot, which I'm pretty sure is not allowed at bowling alleys.

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