March 05, 2010

not to be confused with cereal

I love this photo.
It's a self-take of Bryan and Andrea on their
honeymoon in Paris
roughly 4 years + 362 days ago.

It is surreal.

sur·re·al: marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream;
unbelievable, fantastic

March 04, 2010


It snowed here a few weeks ago. These red berry bushes live in what I call "The Grove" in our backyard. I love it when they bloom berries, and I especially loved them against the backdrop of the snowy ground.

"Can I go play in the snow?"

When I went outside this morning, these three little hats were sitting directly in the center of the roof of my car. I couldn't resist taking their picture.

Then I turned around and couldn't resist taking a picture of Sadie doing her morning stretches.