April 11, 2007


A Georgia Tech student and his girlfriend created Boomshine, a highly addictive computer game they built in just one day in their college digs.
How does it work? Well, technically, we have no idea, but here’s how you play: The screen is filled with a varying number of colorful dots. With a click of your mouse, you create an orb, which expands, ensnaring the dots. When your orb hits a dot, that dot expands and swallows up other dots. The goal is to create a chain reaction, by which you encase as many colored dots as possible.
As you move up in levels, you must join up more and more of the infuriating dots until at last you throw your stinking computer out the window.
Complicated? Nope. It’s procrastination 101.

For Other Highly Addictive Games: k2xl.com

April 10, 2007


I had a crummy day on Monday and Aaron was the sweetest husband. I emailed him to tell him I was feeling crummy, and he replied with a sweet message and a funny drawing attached which he'd done in Paintshop. So that cheered me up enough to get me through the rest of the work day. Then, when I got home I told Aaron I was just going to take a bath and go to bed; so while I was eating dinner, he turned our bathroom into a spa for me. He ran the bath water and added some good smelling stuff to the water; lit some candles; set a little stool with my book and a hand towel next to the tub; added some seashells and flowers for character; and topped it off with my favorite juice in my favorite wine glass (in lieu of wine because I didn't have any at the house). After my jacuzzi bath, I was feeling much better; but mostly because I was pampered by my sweet husband.

April 04, 2007

The Accident

Here are pictures of our Sadie-girl after her accident on Monday. The vet had to remove her left eye. Luckily she had no other major injuries. She is doing really well and recovering. We're sad that this happened to our pretty girl, but we're sure she'll adjust and be her same old sweetest Sadie-girl. Scoop is ready to have her playmate back in tip-top shape.