April 22, 2008


I was going to make the title of this post 'Happy E Day' and wish you all a Happy Earth Day. But suddenly a memory flashed like lightning of a different E day. I can't believe I ever let this slip into the corner of my mind.

I'm not sure when it began, probably somewhere around elementary school when you got letter marks on your report card instead of number grades. Marks like E for Excellent, G for Good, N for Needs Improvement. My Dad started telling me to "Have an E Day!" short for Excellent Day. It didn't just mean to have a super-good day. It also meant Be Excellent. Reach for Excellence in all you do. Expect Excellence from yourself and others. It was our thing. He would ask me if I had an E Day; or he'd wish me an E Day; or he would say it was an E Day. Wow. It's been a long time since I thought about that.

He also used to hold up his hand in the 'stop' position in front of my face when I was being poopy for no good reason; when I was just feeling sorry for myself or being mad that life wasn't fair. The idea was that his palm held an invisible mirror that reflected to me what my 'poopy face' looked like, how unpleasant it was to go around showing the world my poopy face. I would be sitting there sulking and he would sneak up and flash the poopy face mirror at me and I could not help but let a smile slide across my face. Kind of like when you are trying so hard to be mad and someone keeps saying, "don't smile, don't you dare smile, you better not smile, if you smile you're going to get it" and you end up smiling.

So if you're ever feeling down, hold your hand up in front of your visage and imagine what you look like in the poopy face mirror, and know that even though life is not fair and the world may have hurt you or things didn't go your way; it feels much better to smile as you work through it.

Have an E Day!

April 21, 2008


Guess what. I have holes in the butt of my pants today. Awesome.

Two small holes, one on each cheek. An equal voice, how Democratic. Thank you Old Navy capris, for not keeping one cheek suppressed while the other is allowed to peek freely.

Luckily, a co-worker was kind enough to stop me and point out that I had something white on my pants. Turns out it was my white butt showing through the holes.

I wonder how long I've been wearing these pants with holes in the derriere? They are summer pants, linen capris to be exact. I haven't worn them since last fall. Maybe I was walking around back then with my butt peeking out.

Rock out with your rump out.

April 18, 2008


I think it's time for some Happy Thoughts.

Crisp clean sheets, Nephews, Knitting, Blueberry pomegranate juice, Vacation, Chocolate milk, Hearing my niece say my name, Notes from friends, Cute pajamas, Flourishing house plants, Girl trips, Homegrown tomatoes, Family photos, Tan feet, A good movie, Warm days, Google, Summer dresses, A sister's heart-by blood or marriage, Hugs, Forgiveness, Full moon, Hamburgers, Mirror messages, Dainty necklaces, Giraffe dreams, Wind-chimes, Anticipating a new baby in the family, First pedicure of flip-flop season, Driving into Austin on the upper-deck past UT and downtown and knowing I'm home, Driving into Longview on I-20 with the windows down to smell the tall Pine trees and knowing I'm home, Comfy house shoes, Doggies dreaming, Fruity Pebbles. . .

April 07, 2008


Pete Allen Silverthorne was born Saturday! We have a nephew!

Although we have not met him yet, Aaron and I love him very much already! We will go this weekend to hold Pete for hours! We can hardly wait!