April 18, 2008


I think it's time for some Happy Thoughts.

Crisp clean sheets, Nephews, Knitting, Blueberry pomegranate juice, Vacation, Chocolate milk, Hearing my niece say my name, Notes from friends, Cute pajamas, Flourishing house plants, Girl trips, Homegrown tomatoes, Family photos, Tan feet, A good movie, Warm days, Google, Summer dresses, A sister's heart-by blood or marriage, Hugs, Forgiveness, Full moon, Hamburgers, Mirror messages, Dainty necklaces, Giraffe dreams, Wind-chimes, Anticipating a new baby in the family, First pedicure of flip-flop season, Driving into Austin on the upper-deck past UT and downtown and knowing I'm home, Driving into Longview on I-20 with the windows down to smell the tall Pine trees and knowing I'm home, Comfy house shoes, Doggies dreaming, Fruity Pebbles. . .

1 comment:

Bryan, Andrea, Aubrey, Pete & Buckner Silverthorne said...

"...these are a few of my favorite things." - I would have added a soy latte with good company onto the list :) - Love ya