April 13, 2009


Recent Absenteeism

Oh little iPhone, how I heart thee,
Endless apps when I'm bored, keep good company.
Music and podcasts always within reach,
While I email, check Facebook, answer calls on the beach.
More random pictures of things that I see,
To email and scroll through, who needs a memory.
Tidbits and trivia answered at whim,
Weather? Directions? Never guess again.
Calendar, Moleskin, Post-Its abandoned,
How quickly forgotten your loyalty has been.
No need for a laptop whenever I roam,
Because in my pocket, I have you, iPhone.

Aaron would have added some verses about spousal-abandonment, ridiculous excitement over an application that counts stitches in my knitting and something about how it's not necessary to email a picture of my green beans to my Dad. However, he would write an entire poem about the following iPhone applications: Bebot, Simon, Whoopi Cushion and Gun Sounds.