July 28, 2006

I'm too sexy for this shirt

Sadie loves her Glamour Shots. She's such a party animal.

River Rats and Raccoons

Not quite the beach, but togetherness is what counts. My girlfriends and I had a great weekend on our annual trip, complete with our traditional spaghetti dinner. We spent the weekend in Blanco and hung out on the river. It is quite possibly the best weekend of the year - in a category of it's own. We had a surprise visit from three racoons that made us all silly and giggly.

Crazy raccoons.
Watching the raccoons out the window.

July 10, 2006

Boat Fever

We recently spent the weekend with Aaron's family at Lake Travis and we both came away with boat fever. Aaron and Trent fished until they could fish no more (which is actually impossible), we ate and ate and ate, and relaxed on the porch of the beautiful house (the brown one to the left of the steps) and enjoyed the view of the lake. We worked off all the extra calories we ate by walking up and down the steps to the boat dock. 106 to be exact. huff*n*puff Aaron and I rented a jet ski (that little dot in the lake picture is us), of which he was successful at throwing me off twice, but he came off with me! It was really fun!