September 28, 2007


Because I'm a one-stop-shop kinda girl, I've set up our Flickr account so that you can get to our pictures from the Blog. Click the link on the right side of this page under Randomclicky called Photos Galore. Then click on the small photo and Voila! you're in.

On the main photostream page, pictures are in the order in which they were uploaded which means right now they are quite out of order and there may be pictures from long ago first in the photostream. A fun and easy way to view the pictures in which you are interested is by clicking on a Set along the right hand side of the main Flickr page.

Eventually, after I get all our old pictures uploaded, there will always be recent pictures on the main photostream page. So check back often if you want to see photos galore!

Flikr On!

September 27, 2007


I apologize for the absence of posts this past week. All of my extra Internet time has been spent uploading photos to our new Flickr site. Bryan and Andrea gave me a "Pro" account for my birthday, which means I can upload thousands of pictures! It's been fun to go back and see pictures from the last eight or so years; and really fun to organize them all into Collections and Sets. (That's dorky Flickr speak. Holla to my Flickr Peeps!)

So what is up in Bussey world?

Well, I've had a birthday. Yes, I had a great year 28; and have become a fine 29. My friend, Stacy, made the most delicious PINK cupcakes and brought them to me at work. That's right, I had three pink cupcakes for breakfast on my birthday. What a great way to start the day! My Mom, Dad, Bryan, Andrea and Aubrey came down for the weekend to help us celebrate. We had a nice time just hanging around the house, eating out at some of my favorite spots including Amy's Ice cream, and visiting the Farmer's Market. It became apparent over the weekend that Aubrey is kinda partial to her Uncle Buss. (Darrell, don't be jealous.)

Aaron and I got to go to the UT vs. Rice football game last Saturday. We went early to tailgate with Trisha and Daryl and the infamous Texas Tailgaters. This group really knows how to do it. They have been tailgating UT sporting events for at least fifteen years! A big BBQ Smoker pulls up on a flatbed trailer to cook up enough food to feed an army. Tents are set up to shade the chairs gathered around the flat-screen t.v. which is tuned in to other football games until the 'Horns kick-off. The Texas Tailgaters set up right at Trinity and MLK, basically across the street from the stadium - prime spot for hootin' and hollerin' with all the fans on their way to the game. TEXAS! FIGHT! We had a lot of fun at the game. In addition to beatin' the white off Rice (I heart Colt McCoy), we saw a camera man be knocked over by a shot from Smokey the Cannon and Aaron learned all the right times to "Hook 'Em" during the fight song. Texas Fight! Texas Fight! Yea Texas Fight!

What else? OH! We had new carpet put in our bedrooms! YAY! The old carpet was soooo ready to go. It told me. It was stained and worn out. Rhett was able to get some extra carpet at no cost to us (or him) from a house he was building. So that made it especially nice! Sadie approves of the soft new floor.

On Sunday, we had what Aaron sadly believes, will be our last lake day for Summer 2007. Granted, technically it was officially the first day of Fall, but we all know that in Texas, "Fall" don't mean squat. It was a beautiful day on Lake Travis. Not too crowded as most folks are in the back-to-school routine; not too hot, because it was, after all, a Fall day; the water was perfect; great friends. This time we had two tubes going behind the boat. It was DOUBLE the fun to be out there with another person. Aaron and I were even able to tube together. Of course, he fell off before me.

And I'll leave you with this sweet picture of Aaron and his baby-dog. Sometimes I think Scoop gets more cuddlin' than me.

September 19, 2007


Ahoy mateys!
Shiver me timbers, today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Give me creaky bones somethin' ta dance about, and all you Sassypants come en celebrate with me!
Don't be a landlubber; git ye a Grog and see to it that you don't find yourself in Davie Jones' locker.

September 18, 2007


A few weeks ago, Aaron and I got in bed and had this conversation:
Aaron: I couldn't fall asleep last night.
Angela: Really? Was there something on your mind?
Aaron: Not really. I was figuring out this math pattern in my head. It's like when you multiply a number by itself; then you cross multiply that number with the next highest number and itself, and you multiply your original number and the next highest number, and you add the two numbers directly across. . .I can't explain it I'll have to write it down and show you.
Angela: Zzzzzz

So the next evening, Aaron shows me this:

Aaron: What do you think it means?
Angela: Ummm, I think it means you're a Genius! I can't believe you figured this out in your head!
Aaron: What? It's not that hard.

Here's a list that was linked from Mental Floss today: Ten Easy Arithmetic Tricks. I sent the link to Aaron, but then I realized he probably wrote the list. He really does know all kinds of math short-cuts and tricks. He's always doing math problems in his head.

I guess we compliment each other like that. I do words, definitions and spelling; Aaron does numbers, measurements and spacial stuff. He is also creative, resourceful and a better than average artist. And that's what makes him a genius - BOTH sides of his brain are big.

Yep, I married a big-brained genius.

September 13, 2007


"A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men."

Happy Birthday to Roald Dahl, without whom we would never have met

The BFG,

Charlie Bucket,


and my personal hero, Matilda Wormwood.

September 10, 2007


SuperScoop put on her special mask this weekend to deal with a mystery critter she's been stalking around our yard. Saturday night, Aaron and I returned home to discover that SuperScoop and Sadie were up to some serious reconnaissance while we were out.

This was their mission:
1) Confirm identity of mystery critter: skunk

2) Establish a standard M.O. for provoking a skunk to spray all members of reconnaissance team

3) Determine the quickest way to spread skunk smell

4) Prove how much your humans love you by being allowed to sleep inside; even if you do smell like the most rotten egg ever and they have to sleep with the windows open and hold towels over their noses while they try to fall asleep

September 09, 2007


1. Load the trashcan into the back of your new handy-dandy mower trailer.

2. Secure the trashcan so it doesn't slide around in your new handy-dandy mower trailer.

3. Hop on your mower with the new handy-dandy mower trailer attached and head for the curb.

4. Unload the trashcan from your handy-dandy mower trailer and leave the can at the curb.

5. Hop back on your mower with the now empty new handy-dandy mower trailer attached and head for the house.

6. Convince your cute wife to take a ride in your new handy-dandy mower trailer instead of trekking back up the driveway.

7. Wonder if your neighbors are watching and wishing they had this much fun on a Wednesday night (with their new handy-dandy mower trailer).