September 18, 2007


A few weeks ago, Aaron and I got in bed and had this conversation:
Aaron: I couldn't fall asleep last night.
Angela: Really? Was there something on your mind?
Aaron: Not really. I was figuring out this math pattern in my head. It's like when you multiply a number by itself; then you cross multiply that number with the next highest number and itself, and you multiply your original number and the next highest number, and you add the two numbers directly across. . .I can't explain it I'll have to write it down and show you.
Angela: Zzzzzz

So the next evening, Aaron shows me this:

Aaron: What do you think it means?
Angela: Ummm, I think it means you're a Genius! I can't believe you figured this out in your head!
Aaron: What? It's not that hard.

Here's a list that was linked from Mental Floss today: Ten Easy Arithmetic Tricks. I sent the link to Aaron, but then I realized he probably wrote the list. He really does know all kinds of math short-cuts and tricks. He's always doing math problems in his head.

I guess we compliment each other like that. I do words, definitions and spelling; Aaron does numbers, measurements and spacial stuff. He is also creative, resourceful and a better than average artist. And that's what makes him a genius - BOTH sides of his brain are big.

Yep, I married a big-brained genius.

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Darrell said...

I always knew harness was smart, I just never realized he was so amart in his head