October 19, 2006

The Windy City

We had a great time in Chicago! We went to Navy Pier and looked out over Michigan Lake, rode 1,450 feet to the top of the Sears Tower, ate yummy food, watched UT trample OU in a Chicago Sports Bar, visited the Field Museum and Millenium Park, and even squeezed in a little shopping.

Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza

The Field Museum

Sue is the largest most complete fossil of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Sue weighed 6 tons when it was alive. It is not known if Sue was male or female; it is named after the fossil hunter who discovered it.

Sue's skull is so heavy it has to be displayed separately. The skull on the skeleton is a replica.

Chicago at night

Along the river

Millenium Park (similar to NYC Central Park); the faces on the fountains changed and were in motion, so the eyes blink, and water squirts out of the mouth sometimes.

This sculpture in Millenium Park was really cool. It was fun to walk around and underneath it to see how your reflection changed.

Go Horns! UT v. OU

Aubrey in Austin

Aubrey visited Aunt Gi and Uncle Aaron in September. We got to babysit while Bryan and Andrea went to a wedding. We all had lots of fun!