September 10, 2007


SuperScoop put on her special mask this weekend to deal with a mystery critter she's been stalking around our yard. Saturday night, Aaron and I returned home to discover that SuperScoop and Sadie were up to some serious reconnaissance while we were out.

This was their mission:
1) Confirm identity of mystery critter: skunk

2) Establish a standard M.O. for provoking a skunk to spray all members of reconnaissance team

3) Determine the quickest way to spread skunk smell

4) Prove how much your humans love you by being allowed to sleep inside; even if you do smell like the most rotten egg ever and they have to sleep with the windows open and hold towels over their noses while they try to fall asleep

1 comment:

mr.speakish said...

The Dollar General usually has cheap prices on Canned Tomatoes. I think a bathtub full, should take care of both of them.

Dang it. Now I can smell it.