February 15, 2008


I adore this man. And even on the days our marriage is more work than it is fun, there is no one in the world who makes me want to work harder.

For our Valentine's Day celebration, we took a little trip to Taco Bueno and then rented a movie. I had created a cross-word puzzle for Aaron using words and clues that mean special things to us. He completed it in about 10.3 seconds, which made me feel really good because he instantly knew all the answers to the random clues. No one else would have been able to guess the answers.

When we got in bed, or more correctly, when I got in bed and Aaron tucked me in (yes, he occasionally tucks me in because I usually go to bed about 3 hours before him) he kissed me goodnight and said, "I'm glad you're my Valentine." I definitely had sweet dreams.

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