February 10, 2008


Not much going on around here. However, Renee' noted we are officially in PINK cupcake season, with Valentine's Day this month. So I'll be devoting some time each week to celebrating PINK cupcake season. Duncan Hines yellow cake mix? Check. Strawberry icing? Check.

Aaron made some beef jerky last week. It's his Dad's famous Bussey's Best Beef (or Venison) Jerky recipe - and I have to say, I'm not usually a fan of jerky, but I do love the Bussey recipe.

Poppa and Martha came to Austin for a visit this weekend. We had a really nice time. It was nice to have them all to ourselves for a while. We started with lunch at Satellite, had a leisurely afternoon and stroll through the new Hill Country Galleria and finished off the evening at the new Bee Cave Casa de Luna El Arroyo. A lovely way to spend the weekend.

Sadie and Scoopie have been enjoying their Stay-at-Home-Dad for the past few weeks. They have long walks and lots of snuggle time. Here they are enjoying the afternoon sun. I think Scoop might need some sunglasses for her birthday.

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