February 11, 2009


I never knew scraping left-over gravy out of a ten gallon pot could be the perfect start to a day.

For about six months, my boss has been inviting me to join in serving breakfast to the homeless at his church. Once a week, a small group of volunteers led by Mamma June, prepares enough biscuits, gravy, fruit, toast, jelly and oatmeal to feed 150 people. Serving begins at 6:00 a.m. I finally accepted the invitation and thus rolled out of bed at 4:45 a.m. to start my day.

As the newbie, I was given the highly coveted job of Biscuit Girl. Three per plate, then down the line to be smothered in Mamma June's gravy. Stationed at the first of the line, I was greeted with mostly grateful smiles, hearty good-mornings, how-are-yous and thank-yous.

Being Biscuit Girl, I had the privilege of standing next to Dan, the expert gravy-ladler. Dan is a charming, grandfatherly man, probably in his 70's. He is there every Wednesday morning, and serves at other churches on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and some evenings. So these people who come to be fed, they know him. He greets many of them by name, asks about their families. He tells them he's glad to see them.

And he means it.

How must that feel to a person who does not have the means to feed himself? A person who more than likely slept on the ground outside, in a thunderstorm. How must it feel to start your day knowing someone is glad you showed up for breakfast? That someone would notice if you didn't. That someone is glad you came to take what he has to offer. Something you can't pay for. Someone you can't repay.


In the past week, I've noticed my world taking a new shape. A re-framing of everything in the context of His word, His love and my love for Him. I've felt pushed to do things I didn't want to do, and learn through it. I've felt consoled by learning to talk to God in a new way. I've felt pulled towards things that feel purposeful. It is amazing to me what I see and what happens when I start listening.

Goals from last week:
  • Be still and listen - This is what I've done most this week.
  • Get up every morning for quiet time before work - I failed miserably at this, but I'm not giving up; I've had quiet time, but I want to grow into consistently starting my day with some devoted time with God
  • Start reading The Practice of the Presence of God - this book is not what I expected, it is so much more in a much smaller package than I anticipated
  • Resist the urge to list ten more goals and instead focus on one thing at a time

Goals for this week:
  • Get up every morning for quiet time before work.
  • Seek a new verse to memorize and meditate on.
  • Continue reading The Practice of the Presence of God.



Rufus said...

Hey Angela,
I thought I would recommend a really good podcast of a preacher in Dallas. It is called The Village and the pastors name is Matt Chandler. He is actually married to Lauren Walker if you remember her from church. He is really good at teaching the Bible. I really enjoy him and from
reading your blog I think you would too. I hope y'all are well. We really need to get together sometime soon. Tell that nerd you're married to that I hate him.

The Busseys said...

Thanks Machin. I'll look up The Village.