February 09, 2009


I got to spend one last weekend in Florida with the Robertsons before they move back to Texas. (Yay for Texas!) It was a nice, low-key weekend enjoying the Florida sunshine and one rosy-cheeked little girl.

I am amazed at how much Reid has grown and changed since we last played a month ago. She still sounds like a pterodactyl when she hollers, just like she did when she was a newborn. But it's a very happy pterodactyl. One excited by shiny things and squeaks and rattles. And very very ticklish. If you've never heard a pterodactyl giggle, you should go find you one and squeeze her little legs until she squinches her eyes closed and bursts into a laughing fit.

Then go play dress up with her.

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Stacy & John McTarnahan said...

Oh, how fun, what a Cutie!! I'm glad you had a good trip!!