October 14, 2009


Aaron and I decided to have a scary movie night each week this month to celebrate Halloween.

My idea of scary movie night: rent a scary movie (Jaws is scary, right?), turn off all the lights and snuggle on the couch and toss Monster Munch in the air at all the scary parts.

Tonight, we decided to spice it up and go to a movie at the theater. So we went to see Paranormal Activity. Ummmmm, it was so scary I seriously thought I was going to throw up at one point.

The funny thing is, we thought we were going to see The Fourth Kind. We saw the preview for it a few months ago, and both agreed we wanted to see it when it came out. You know how it goes, you lean over in between previews when the theater is really quiet for two seconds and fake whisper that looks good. And the other person fake whispers back yeah.

Obviously, we had the movie names mixed up. So we went into Paranormal Activity expecting something different... not knowing anything of the horror on which we were about to embark.

The scary movie experience can be like the difference between having blood drawn and being cut, for me. I can handle it if I can prepare and LOOK AWAY. But throw me into something I'm not expecting, and I. AM. TERRIFIED.

I buried my face in Aaron's arm a lot (LOOK AWAY), mostly through long agonizing moments of "something's about to happen." I will say this. I did not see the last 60 seconds of the movie. And when the screen finally went blank, I had to ask Aaron Is it over? Is it really over? Is it going to come back on? THAT'S HOW SCARY IT WAS. Up to the very. last. second.

Aaron did not think it was scary at all. I take that back. He said there was one freaky second. Pppffftttt.

As we were leaving I was even more scared because I was already getting anxious thinking about the ways Aaron would try to scare me in the next few minutes days. I'm trying to act like I am so over that movie, so he will stop thinking it would be funny to spook me.

Do you think he'll notice if I sleep with the lamp on?

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K said...

I'm peeing my pants just reading about it