October 21, 2009


Aaron has an eye for seeing things from a unique perspective. Actually, he has two eyes. And he uses them both to observe and absorb the world around him.

He purposefully takes the time to look at things differently, more intimately so he can enjoy the detail, the unexpected and the wonder of his surroundings. He often spies creatures, anomalies and hidden treasures one might otherwise miss.

Because he looks at things this way, with his two eyes, I think he has captured some neat photographs over time.

This is a big difference in pictures taken by Aaron and me. You will rarely see a picture taken by me that doesn't have people in it. But Aaron, he is so good at slowing down to see, he can capture really interesting moments that don't include people.

I love his perspective. Here are a few from a recent visit to the botanical garden.

These next two are a couple of my other favorites.

And this is what happens when I sneak in to one of his photos.

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1 comment:

Stacy and John McTarnahan said...

Beautiful pics! John is like that too, he always takes close up pics of different things that don't include people.