October 14, 2009


I made these cupcakes last night to celebrate a few October birthdays at work.

And in case you're wondering, Aaron is my taste tester, so he does benefit from my baking of late.

This picture is from the Real Simple website, but I assure you, mine looked just as perty. I even got a little crazy and swapped out the candy corn for Halloween colored M&Ms on some of them, because, ya know, HALLOWEEN COLORED M&Ms! Which, by the way, are electric orange, green and purple. They will electrify you!

It went like this: As I was topping the c-cakes, I turned my head slightly to the left and saw the bowl of Halloween M&Ms that I keep on the counter, and my eyes got wide and before I even knew what was happening my hand had reached over, plucked three little guys from the bowl and tucked them neatly into the frosting on top of a cupcake. It's like my hand had a mind of it's own. SpOooOo0Ky.

Strange thing, though. The candy corn and M&Ms bled their colored candy coatings into the icing overnight. I put them in the refrigerator, but when I took them out this morning there were orange, green and purple streaks all over the tops. (and no, the cupcakes were not hot or even warm when I placed the candies on top)

My bet is some serious sugar-on-sugar action, errr, I mean a chemical reaction of C(6)H(12)O(6). Or a goblin. SpOooOo0Ky.

What a weird word, spooky. spookyspookyspookyspooky. Like elbow. elbowelbowelbowelbow

I may have just eaten 2 pumpkin cupcakes in a row... which may explain this entry.

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