October 27, 2009


Aaron and I spent last weekend camping on Lake Whitney with family. We could not have asked for a more beautiful weekend to be outdoors.

This is how I prepare for a camping trip. Please do note my fancy chef hat, courtesy of Aaron.

This is how Aaron prepares for a camping trip. Also, please do note how Sadie prepares for a camping trip.

As you can see, we take great care of the very important camping preparations. As long as you have cookies and fishing gear, who needs a tent, sleeping bag, folding chairs, or deodorant? Not us! Oh, I'm kidding. We took folding chairs.

This was my first time camping in a camper. It was fun, and the best part was the symphony that happened when most everyone in the camper was sleeping. It was magical.

Some highlights from our weekend: Daryl drank a cup of straight Aunt Jemima syrup on a dare - except he would have done it anyway. Janet bargained with the kids to not talk about poop for at least 20 minutes… no such luck. Trisha wore her high-school letter jacket for the first time ever. Ronnie cooked the meat and was the hero. I got to shake the Bisquick Shake & Pour pancake batter. Aaron caught and cleaned a catfish. Jarod taught us all how to play the deceivingly complex game of Bag-O. S'mores!

We also held a funny face contest. Who was the winner? You be the judge.

A few more pics.

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