March 14, 2009


Aaron is a genius. I think I've mentioned this before. But ever so often, he does several big-brained things in a row, and I'm all, whoa! I married a genius!

Of late:
He figured out why water was constantly collecting on the floor and made it stop. I've been trying to figure this out for two weeks. It took Aaron about 30 minutes. And it was not due to a major plumbing problem that was going to involve tearing down a wall and replacing pipes - as I was certain would be the case. Instead, he just moved the washing machine a few inches to relieve a kink in a hose which was causing a binding to not function and somethingsomethingsomething I've stopped listening because who the heck cares! We don't have to tear down any walls!

He explained why it would not be a good idea to let that dog which does not belong to us in the house even though he is nice and we see him all the time...we don't know if his owners give him flea prevention and we don't want a flea infestation just because our dogs wanted to show him their room. We have to put our foot down sometime.

He suggested then showed me how to flush out the jacuzzi jets before I took a bath because we haven't used it in forever and he knew there would be all kinds of gross things up in there that I would not want floating in my warm relaxing bath. He was right. There were dead bugs and particles and pieces that came shooting out. Like Wet 'n Wild for very small things.

We were walking and I kept seeing strange clumps of stuff on the ground and I asked Aaron if it was mountain-lion poop. No, he said, it's not poop at all. It's a fungus. Ummm, how do you even know that? Because seriously, it looks like poop.

He suggested that I could make the scarf I'm knitting shorter than I originally planned because Aubrey (I'm giving the scarf to her) is a short person so it will be okay if the scarf isn't long enough for a tall person. You see, this scarf is the first item I've ever knitted and I'm excited to finish, but it is taking me a while because I'm still learning. And I was saying how I felt discouraged because I still had over half to go, but that's when Aaron made his genius comment and now, I'm almost done! That is a real genius who can make something instantly go from half finished to almost finished just by talking.

and p.s. As I was writing this post, I heard this from the other room:
Scoop: Bark, bark, baaarrrrk, rwwarr, rwaarr, rwarr.
Aaron: What is it Scoopers? Is he in the well?

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