March 16, 2009


I dreamt about Godzilla last night. Not the scaly, fire-breathing lizard Godzilla. It was more like Barney, only green, and chasing me. But it was Godzilla.

So a friendly-looking-in-a-creepy-way Godzilla lizard suit was chasing me. But I wasn't running from it; I was out-maneuvering it. I was climbing around on scaffolding and plotting ways to trap him so he would fall to his demise. Take that! you big dumb dinosaur suit lizard thingy!

There was also classical music playing, kind of silly sounding like the soundtrack to an old Tom & Jerry cartoon. Lots of strings with cymbals and drums mixed in here and there to coincide with my leaps and near misses and mad climbing skillz.

Then I woke up. And told Aaron I had been dreaming about Godzilla. To which he replied, "It's no wonder. You have been eating a lot of Okonomiyaki lately."

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