March 03, 2009


So I was going back over my last (first?) month's posts about my spiritual walk and I started to wonder if I've drifted away from what I set out to do, which was focus on one thing at a time, take things slow, and be very intentional. This weekly blog check-in almost makes me feel like elementary school where you master something new each week, then move on.

Counting by tens? Got it. Next! Prepositional phrases? Got it. Next! Memorize state capitals? Got it. Next!

But really, that's not what is happening. Because I am not the one creating the curriculum, doing the lesson planning and coming up with learning activities.

I am the student. I'm being guided. I'm being prepared.

I am listening now more than ever. I am paying attention. What is it you want to teach me?

This isn't easy. In fact, I'd venture to say that because I'm paying more attention, I'm working harder to keep up. Some new, very hard, lessons are popping up. But the reward is already outweighing the work.

I feel a sense of direction and purpose more than I've ever known. I feel more peace than I've ever known, right smack in the middle of more uncertainty than I've ever known.

I feel challenged to seek - really seek. Show me.

and ask - really, really ask. Tell me.

and understand - deeply understand. Test me.

and trust - faithfully trust. Use me.

and follow - truly follow. Lead me.

and love - completely love. Have me.


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Silverthornes said...

I love the analogy and agree that it is a little easier to teach a student who is actually paying attention.

The reward, I am sure, is probably more than you could imagine.
Ephesians 3:20

thanks for sharing, really!