September 11, 2008


I saw this bumper-sticker GUN TOTIN' MEATEATER and laughed. But it got me to thinking. And what I want to know is, can I not:

want to take home the money I work hard for and be responsible for myself and my family and also know that includes being responsible for my community and caring for and giving to those who've had a hard life and are less fortunate?

believe that a woman's experience as a mother would bring something invaluable to leadership role and also think that the balance between work and family is fragile?

be against discrimination and also against affirmative action?

wear Birkenstocks and also carry an expensive leather bag?

worship the only God I believe in and also be understood that while I believe for me there is only one Way, I respect others' views and don't consider myself the one powerful enough to judge?

believe that some things are inevitable no matter who is leading our country and also believe that different choices might result in better courses of the inevitable?

support drilling for oil in Alaska and also carry re-usable bags to every store, recycle, and conserve energy?

support immigration and diversity and also be passionate about not losing my American heritage?

What I want to know is, what would my bumper-sticker say?

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