September 12, 2008


I'm joining the My Husband Rocks movement.

This week, Aaron and I put hardware on the cabinets in our bathrooms. Aaron is so sweet and patient with me and he knows how to do all the manly, handy things around the house.

He knew that we needed to make a template and mark all the drawers and doors. He explained to me the difference between a wood screw and a machine screw. He showed me a little something about the different sizes of drill bits.

He knew how excited I was about this project and didn't want me to have to wait another day, so he made a special trip to Home Depot after a long day at work when he would have rather just relaxed at home.

He gently pointed out that my measuring was a little off center on one drawer. And when he figured out after drilling the hole that I totally messed up and marked the wrong side of the cabinet door, he was not mad at me and didn't make a big deal about it. Do you get what that means? That means there is hole drilled in the door where there should not be a hole. A hole that can not be un-drilled. A hole that essentially ruins the cabinet door, except that Aaron knows a way to fill it in and make it look barely noticeable.

And by the way, helloooo, how typical of me to get so excited and do things quickly and mess up because I wasn't paying close attention. Aaron is the calm one who doesn't mess up because his brain doesn't turn into skittles when he gets excited about something.

He is so laid back and smart! I appreciate him and that he is always there, helping me do things right and making it better when I mess up. And I love him.

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Katy Lin :) said...

how sweet! working on projects like that is a true test of your relationship - sounds like you passed with flying colors!