September 15, 2008


As if I needed a reminder of how wonderfully blessed I am, my family and friends go and make my birthday weekend fun and fantastic and make me feel like the most special Princess in all of Fairy Rainbow Land. I mean, wow, who knew I could talk on the phone so much in one day?!

My parents came to Austin especially to take me to a birthday dinner, then we relaxed on Saturday morning and headed to pick out a camera. And when I say 'pick out,' I mean that we spent about two hours in the store doing some "testing" of different cameras - complete with control points and placebos. Aaron knew I could be neurotic about things, but I think this camera-selecting incident took it to a new level. In the end, I came home with this cute blue creature that is everything I wanted in a camera, including, but not limited to, good sound quality with the video function. Thank you Mom and Dad!

Saturday evening the Austinites gathered at our house and I was surprised with flowers and Birthday Cake and ZBug says my name! Did you hear? Did you hear? Zbug says my name! She knows my name! Aaannngie. Oh such a sweet sound.

The festivities continued on the Big Day with brunch at Fonda San Miguel, which was quite possibly the most fun place I've ever had a meal. What a spread! And the company could not be beat. Taylor requested that the Mariachis sing Happy Birthday to me. I sang along.

After we sufficiently stuffed ourselves, Megan and I decided to relax with a margarita at Shady Grove then a pedicure. Peek-a-culah! That's for Renee'. The first color I picked up was called "Oh to be 25 again." How appropriate. Done deal.

To finish off the day, Aaron took me for Amy's Ice Cream. Mexican Vanilla with Plain M&Ms, dead.

Oh, but the fun does not stop there! When I arrived at work today this beautiful bouquet was on my desk. Several co-workers all brought in different flowers and put them together. Doesn't it look like a big burst of fun?!

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Silverthornes said...

So glad you had a great time! I hope you were reminded of how special you are to so many people. We are so very glad you were born :)
LOVE the camera by the way - great gift!