June 11, 2008


I visited Casey and Renee' in Florida last weekend. We had a great time meeting pirates, enjoying a juicy steak dinner prepared by Casey, putting together Little Girl Robertson's room, and spending the day on the beach (the beach!). Isn't Renee' the cutest little preggo person you've ever seen?! She can pull off the two-piece bathing suit better than most non-pregnant women!

The thing about spending time with the people I love the most but don't see often is that when we part, I have several days of heaviness in my heart until I adjust again to not having them at arm's length to hug and laugh with, to seeing their sweet faces and expressions, to hearing their voices for days at a time. I get spoiled with being near them. The same thing happens to me every summer after my annual girls' trip. I come home and even though I've had the best time, I'm sad for a day or two and Aaron has to put up with my moping and give me lots of extra hugs.

I've coined this phenomenon The After Taste. It's like when you get a taste of something really sweet and you enjoy it immensely, and once you swallow it the taste lingers and makes you want more. The taste hangs around reminding you every second of what you're missing; which makes you kind of sad. And it takes a few good tooth brushings for the taste to be subdued enough that it gets back to being something you just long for and look forward to and have wonderful memories of.

My After Taste is proportional to how much I enjoy myself and love the people I am with. We're now going on three days of After Taste with no signs of letting up. Maybe I need to have a garlic and red onion salad for dinner.

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