June 25, 2008


Yesterday was my sister's birthday - Happy Birthday Nee! I was missing her real bad, and even though she couldn't attend, we had a party anyway, complete with chicken spaghetti, one of her favorite dishes; cucumbers, which always remind me of her because she loved to eat them when she was little; and Blueberry pie!

The blueberries came from Deep Creek Farm near Tyler. I stopped on my drive home Sunday and picked up a bundle of the freshly picked berries. And last night, a pie for the occasion seemed like the perfect use because they are little and sweet, just like Renee'.

I forgot to take a picture of the beautiful blueberries pre-pie, and of the pie before it was mostly eaten. Nonetheless, here 'tis.

For a few months, Aaron and I have been receiving fresh, organic, mostly local produce from a company called Greenling. You fill your basket online, set a delivery date, and voila! a bin of garden goodness is delivered right to your door! I like this option for the weeks I can't make it to the Farmer's Market near our house. I seem to be out of town on so many Saturdays, and I hate to miss the local, in-season bounty that is found at the market. So Greenling offers the wonderful, affordable alternative: Farmer's Market Delivered to my Doorstep! When we get a delivery, it makes my head swim diving into the freshness.

We got an order yesterday, and although I keep forgetting to take photos when the produce arrives, I did manage to take this picture of our salad from last night (and today for lunch) of green leaf lettuce, tomatoes and cukes all grown within 25 miles of our home. Yuuuumy!

No matter how good the food is, no meal is complete without wonderful friends to share it. The Brewers and Taylors partied it up with us in honor of Renee'.

Rhett, Zoë and Audrey took turns finding out who could make the biggest splash by throwing toys in the water.
Zoë dominated.

Aaron got out his harmonica for Zoë to play with. She was impressed by her Mom's musical talent.

Zoë had just whispered to me that she is secretly writing
a harmonica song for her parents as a Christmas gift.

The Taylors, relaxing after dinner.

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cookster said...

I miss you all so much, and I can't wait to see you in less than two weeks!!!