June 12, 2008


I suppose I shouldn't have let the day slip by without so much as a mention on the blog. Yesterday, June 11, was mine and Aaron's third anniversary. We didn't really do anything to celebrate. But maybe we should have. We should have been celebrating that we made it through another year with our marriage intact. Instead, we ended up having a little tiff, spurred on by my crankiness over the afore mentioned After Taste and compounded by the fact that my brain has been taken over by a swarm of extremely moody bees with tiny thought scrambling lasers and bombs that wipe out any trace of calm and reason. The last few months of seemingly hormonal flat-lining are finally catching up with me, in a big way. Kaboom.

As always, when I'm finally able to open my weepy eyes, there's Aaron, forgiving me for Kabooming, wiping snot from my nose with his hand and holding me until I stop convulsively sobbing. And then everything is okay, it really is going to be okay, I believe him; and I don't feel like an egg on a Sunday morning anymore. And I can walk into the kitchen and teach Scoop how to 'sit' and 'shake' before my eyes even have a chance to deflate. La dee da. Look how wonderful life is now, washed in my tears. Is that a mosquito on my arm? I'll just leave it be. We're all God's creatures. Just don't ask me what I want for dinner because that could remind me that I don't like Watermelon flavored Jolly Ranchers and I might go Kaboom again.

So maybe we did celebrate. Maybe, in a round about way, we were reminded of why we got married and why we'll, God willing, stay married.

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