June 26, 2008


I saw this picture today, taken of Dre last weekend. Andrea's sister, Amy, commented that she "loves this picture" of Andrea. I agreed. It captures the very essence of who she is.

Anyone who has spent a fair amount of time with me has surely not escaped my gushing over my sweetest niece and charming nephew, and in turn, has no doubt how I feel about their mom. My sister-in-law, Andrea, is hands down one of my most very favorite people on the planet. And would be even if she wasn't the mother of Aubrey and Pete. I love and respect her beyond words.

She is beautiful and smart and has more patience than a snail crossing a freeway.

She radiates joy.

She exemplifies God's love and lives a faithful and obedient life, even when it's tough.
And she is teaching her children to do the same.

She inspires me all the time.

I thank God for bringing her into our family; for giving my brother such a wonderful partner; for giving Renee' and me another sister's heart to share; for making her the mother to two of the most important people in the world to me; for her being my friend.

Happy Thursday, Dre.

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