May 31, 2008


Poor Scoopie was hurt today while playing in the yard. She got a pretty huge gash on her hip, down to the bone. I could recount the long dramatic version of the story; but is was, surprisingly, not that dramatic. I heard the dogs making a bunch of noise, called them inside, saw the blood and the gash, went to the vet, the end. The vet said it looks like she got tangled in barbed wire. She had to be put under while they sutured her muscle and skin. Yes I said muscle, they had to sew her muscle back together, people. That is gross. The vet actually said to me "If you check around the spot where she was caught, you might find some flesh." Ummm, excuse me dear Dr. Veterinarian, but did I not mention that I have this little problem where the thought of flesh hanging around on barbed wire in my back yard just might cause me to faint right here in your waiting room?

We made it home without incident and Scoop is resting now. I don't think she feels too good, but Sadie-girl is taking care of her.

I took a video in hopes of showing you how pitiful my little baby-dog is right now (translate to: how cute I think she is, still woozy from the anesthesia and just laying in the chair whimpering). Sadie jumped up in the chair beside her and licked Scoop's face for a little bit. It was very sweet. But the video is too long or something, because it won't upload.

Just so you won't feel overwhelmed with pity for Scoopie, I'll help you spread the pity around by telling you that I had to have a mole removed on Wednesday - probably one of my top 5 least favorite things to do, right up there with walking barefoot on hot asphalt while guzzling Big Red and listening to a heavy metal band. But the wound is healing, and luckily, I've graduated from this:

to this:

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Stacy & John McTarnahan said...

Oh my goodness! Poor Scoop! Glad it all turned out ok though. You two can console each other with your wounds. =) ~Stacy