May 13, 2008


We celebrated Justy Tator and Jess' birthday at Uchi last night. We missed the actual presence of Jessica's Taurus heart, but her spirit was there. Her sake was also there; but don't worry, I drank it for her so she wouldn't have bad sake luck.

Look for Audrey and me in the upcoming issue of US magazine in the "Stars: They're just like us" section. Three, count 'em, THREE celebrities were there getting high on raw fish and wasabi. As we were seated, I recognized Richard Garriott. Then, Audrey stifled her excitement as Jennifer Coolidge walked in. When Aaron came back from the bathroom, he casually mentioned that Heather Graham was sitting right over there in that booth. I dared Taylor to go up to Ms. Graham and say "I don't recall your name, but your fez is familiar?"

Audrey and I made sure to look extra cute using chopsticks just in case paparazzi were lurking.

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cookster said...

My Taurus spirit was there indeed!