May 01, 2008


Sadie and Scoopie went for a membership interview at the kennel where they are staying this weekend. The kennel requires all new dogs to have a play-day before they can stay overnight to ensure the safety and compatibility of all dogs staying with Happy Mailman.

When I dropped them off yesterday morning, I was surprised at how I felt leaving them. I was the tiniest bit anxious because I just had no idea how they would react or behave in a totally new environment with strangers and lots of unfamiliar dogs. I wasn't worried that they wouldn't be well taken care of, or afraid that something bad would happen. I just wanted what any parent wants - for their kids to be as good and sweet around new people as they are around their family and friends.

Yesterday evening, I was excited to pick them up and find out how their first day of school went. I was so happy to find out my girls were on their best behavior and made some new friends. They are such good baby-dogs. Here is their report card.

(click for larger view)

Here they are after their long day of playing with new friends. T.I.R.E.D.
I understand, now, why some people pay to take their dogs to doggy day care regularly.

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Bryan, Andrea, Aubrey, Pete & Buckner Silverthorne said...

The Happy Mailman? what a cute idea. hehe...I'm glad they did well.