August 30, 2007


I am here to report that a new addiction has taken over my life. Books are being left half-read on the bed side table, dust is collecting on the mantle, phone calls aren't being returned, dinner has been reduced to grilled cheese (not even w/tomato soup), my running shoes are feeling neglected (ok, that's really nothing new), my sleeping patterns are disrupted, even the dogs are suffering.

What is it, you ask, that has me in a headlock? Why do I feel like I've been body-slammed by the big boot and legdrop?

Hi. I'm Angela. I'm a Hulkaholic.

That's right folks. I'm addicted to Hogan Knows Best.

Let me define addiction: the intense feeling to race home from work and settle into my over-sized chair with a grilled cheese and find out what's happening at the Hogan house; the inability to do anything else while I have access to the DVR; staying up way past my usual bedtime to watch "just one more" episode; Aaron pointing out that I grin cheesily at the television screen as the Hogan's lives are played out.

I've been addicted to TV shows before. There was the Sex and the City run Renee' and I had when we lived together in our tiny one-bedroom apartment with no cable. And also the Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica fix, which was also co-chaired by Renee'. But it's been a while since I've fallen off the wagon. And I never fall for reality shows. (oh, wait, except for that Newlyweds thing.) Usually I just have an intense liking for shows (Grey's Anatomy, House Hunters, Dirty Jobs). Maybe those were just gateway shows. This is beyond intense.

So how did it begin? Where did I get my first taste of Hogan? It all started when Aaron innocently set the DVR to record Hogan Knows Best, just to check it out, see what it was all about. But isn't that how all addictions begin - what's one time gonna hurt? I'll tell you what one time will do! It will hook you faster than you can say Thunder in Paradise!

Although the show is in its third season, and the first taste was a Season 3, our DVR caught a re-run marathon and recorded the first 36 episodes. Yeah baby! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout Brother!

Really, though, Terry "Hulk" Hogan is a surprisingly normal, sensitive guy. Yes, he still sports the handle-bar mustache and yes, he only wears shirts without sleeves, but he is a genuine person and a great dad to his two teenage kids, with a bandanna-clad headful of great advice and sound parenting. "Fight the fight when you know you're right" was his battle cry in the episode where the city of Bellaire was trying to make the family get rid of one of their pets (gasp! can you even imagine?!) so they would be in compliance with city ordinances.

His wife, Linda, is really great too. She is the typical do-everything Mom. She's funny and laid-back, but passionate and loyal. So what if she has platinum hair and a chest as big as the Hulk's? She loves her kids, respects herself and does not overdo it in so many ways she could.

The kids are pretty normal too. Well, except for the whole thing about Brooke trying to break into the music industry. During the episode where the family goes to L.A. so Brooke can record her debut album, Aaron said to me "If she can release an album, you could release an album." Geez, Aaron, have you been drinkin' haterade? (but really, he's right.)

Overall the whole family seems to have a genuine respect and caring for one another. They have their moments, but they are a tight bunch.

This morning I found out that Nick Hogan was in a pretty bad car accident earlier this week. Luckily he's ok. Whew.

I really have to go now. I'm starting to have withdrawal.

I'm going to go tear my shirt off now. Grrr.


mr.speakish said...

I'm tellin you Sis, you've got a knack for this stuff. I caught myself enjoying the Hogan family back in the original aired episodes. I think it was the increase in Dora episodes that kept them off the TiVo. One of the few times I will say Dora saved me from certain infatuation. Although I do remember an episode where Nick was being a little punk about having his new girlfriend around. I sort of lost interest for a while.

The Busseys said...

Oh yeah, Ashley. Blech!