August 09, 2007


I'm not sure exactly when this started, but I've been talking to myself for a while now, and it seems to be getting worse. Sometimes I silently move my lips along with my thoughts, and sometimes I'm actually mumbling aloud. Lately, my boss will walk past my desk and laugh because she heard me say something like "My band-aid came off" and she knows I'm not talking to her. Aaron has become a little frustrated with me at times because he can't tell if I'm talking to him. It goes something like the Brian Regan joke where you end up yelling some meaningless thought:
Angela inaudible mumbling: I need to remember to get mustard.
Aaron: What?
Angela slightly more audible: I need to remember to get mustard.
Aaron: What? I can't hear you.(!)
Angela loud and clear: I said I need to remember to get mustard(!)

So yesterday, I was driving home and where the freeway bottlenecks and usually adds 7 to 10 minutes to my commute, traffic was flowing along freely. When I came upon this afternoon-traffic anomaly, there in the confines of my little Accord, all by my lonesome, I let out a little "Woo Hoo!" Literally - that was the sound. I know I write Woo Hoo a lot, so when I heard myself actually exclaim it out loud I cracked up. . . and continued to cruise at an easy 55mph merging down to one lane with no problemo.


silverthornes said...
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silverthornes said...

I think this is a good sign ang! You are happy by yourself. You can celebrate alone...great quality! I noticed you do this as well.
NOTE: I remember that Brian Regan joke - funny!