August 23, 2007


Rainbows, Pink Cupcakes, Sunshine, Hugs, Lake Travis, Fireworks, Big meals with dessert, Snuggling, Someone saying "I Love You," Frozen drinks on the beach, Cozy fires, Silence, Smores!, A good book, Date night, Being up high looking down, Open windows, Duck Face, A clean house, Lip gloss, Soy Lattes, The Star Spangled Banner, Recently highlighted hair, Changing seasons, Ice Cream, Knowing that people are waiting for me to come home, Long kisses, Daisies, Waxed eyebrows, A clean car, Wagging dog tails, Sunrise, Walks on the beach by myself, Breakfast with friends, Spring Cleaning, Strawberries & bananas, Giggles, Bluebonnets, Butterflies, Warm blankets, Fun-colored pens, Love notes, New shoes, Garage Karaoke, Clever t-shirts, Pancakes. . .

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