August 04, 2007


And because I'm feeling bloggish this fine Saturday morning, another post for lucky you.

Just about one of the saddest things I've seen happened last night. Scoopie found a baby rabbit and I guess she thought it was so cute she couldn't resist playing with it. And honestly, who wouldn't want to play with a cute baby rabbit?

Now when I say "baby," I mean baby. Small enough to fit in the palm of my hand (don't worry, I didn't actually hold it in my hand), not yet fully furred, barely having its little beady eyes open. So as you might imagine where this is going. . . a baby rabbit and Super-Scoop don't necessarily make the best play mates. The poow wittle wabbit had the tiniest, most heartbreaking little SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK (translation: HELP! What the heck?! Mooooommmy!)

Scoopie wasn't being terribly rough or anything. In fact, I think she was gingerly carrying the little thing around, maybe giving it a good little toss now and then. But again, I'm sure she was only thinking about how much babies like to be tossed above their adult's head, and giggle and squeal with delight. Except this baby rabbit wasn't squealing with delight.

Aaron: "Scoop's got some kind of animal out there."
Angela: "What? What do you mean?"
Aaron: "She's got something. It's squealing."
Both: Investigate.
Angela: "What is it?IsItAMouse?OhIt'sALittleMouse.Oh.That'sSoSad.Wait.IsItAMouse?WhatIsIt?IsItAMole?"
Aaron: "It looks kind of like a mole."
Angela: "Oh that's so sad. Poor little thing. Scoopie, you can't play with baby Moles."
Aaron: "Wait, it's a baby rabbit. Yep, that's a rabbit."
Angela: "What? A Rabbit?! OH NO! Not a little baby rabbit! Awww, Aaron it's so scared! Poor little rabbit! Do they know? Do rabbits know when their babies are missing? Its mom is probably looking for it! She can hear it squealing! Awww, ohhh, this is so sad. Scoopie took that little baby right out of its nest. Just snatched it right away from its momma."
Aaron: "Ang, it's ok. There are probably 12 more where this one came from."
Angela: "Yea, but it's still sooo sadddd. Oh my gosh, Aaron! It's moving! Look at the poor little thing. It's still alive! Is it hurt? What should we do?!"
Aaron: "It's only going to upset you more if you keep looking at it."
Angela: "It's so sad.This is making me cry.It's so little and scared and, and, and"
Aaron: "Why don't you go inside."

You might be lucky. But I guess that rabbit's foot wasn't so lucky.

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silverthornes said...

This is so sad but your reenactment of your conversation is great... That IS sad! You should tell Aaron that it doesn't matter how many hens (or rabbits) you have in the coop (or nest in this case) it STILL HURTS when one of them goes missing and is thrown about by a playful, innocent dog. Pooow Wabbit!