November 07, 2007


Last weekend, my girlfriends and I learned that one among us knew a secret. She knew whether Baby Clay Numero Dos is a GIRL or BOY. But like the loyal and trustworthy friend she is, she kept her lips zipped.

Spill the Beans

What It Means: to release information that wasn't meant to be released; indiscretion in revealing information; confess to something

Where I Heard It: "Y'all can ask me all you want, but I won't spill the beans."
- K. Brewer

Why We Say It: Early Greek secret societies had strict membership requirements. A candidate for admission was voted upon by members, and only a few adverse ballots were required for disqualification.

In order to keep voting secret, white beans were dropped into a container by those who favored the candidate. Brown or black beans constitued negative votes. Only officials were supposed to know how many of these negative votes were cast. Occasionally, however, a clumsy voter knocked the jar or helmet over and disclosed its contents. It was embarrassing, to say the least, to spill the beans in this literal fashion.

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