November 20, 2007



29. He's kind of cute.
28. He can whistle very loud.
27. The dogs told me to.
26. His DJ mix master skills are outstanding.
25. He will not kill spiders smaller than his hand.
24. He watches campy action movies with me.
23. His favorite fall food is Frito Pie.
22. He's kind of funny.
21. I like German Chocolate cake.
20. He remembers to take out the trash.
19. He makes me mixed music CD's.
18. He's kind of sweet.
17. He can back the boat up the driveway with no do-overs.
16. He can find fossil prints in the stones on our house.
15. He says "booger" a lot.
14. He leaves funny messages on voicemail.
13. He wears breathe-right strips so I can sleep soundly.
12. He explains football to me.
11. He's kind of smart.
10. He brings home the bacon.
9. He records COPS on the DVR.
8. He's kind of sneaky.
7. He finds trash and makes it treasure.
6. He experiments with different kinds of deodorant.
5. He believes in Big Foot.
4. He can draw pretty well.
3. He does not like tomatoes.
2. He is laid back.
1. He is pretty darn special.

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