November 24, 2007


One million and one things to be thankful for.

Aaron and I spent Thanksgiving Day together at home this year. While we missed our families and sweet potato casserole, it was a lovely day. We had a traditional turkey dinner, minus a few of our favorites, at Hyde Park and I saved room for a scrumptious brownie instead of pumpkin pie for dessert.

Bryan called and put Aubrey on the phone for a minute. First she said "uh oh" because she'd accidentally hit a button on the phone and it made some noise; then I think she said "Turkey?" because I heard Bryan in the background say "Actually it's Aunt Gi."

On Friday, we drove down to Baytown to visit with some of Aaron's family. I had never met the family that lives there, so it was a real treat to hang out with them. We watched videos from when Aaron and the other kids (his second cousins) were young. Aaron was the cutest little boy, with his same sweet smile he has today. Then we went back another fifty years and watched film from when Aaron's mom and her sister and cousins were little. It was so cool to see Longview and East Texas in the '50s and '60s; and to see the styles of clothes and toys and houses. We were watching 8mm film that had been converted to VHS, so there was no audio with the video, which makes it even more priceless. We laughed and giggled and reminisced.

On the drive home today it was raining and we saw a guy hydroplane and crash into the concrete barrier on I-10. It was so weird to see it happen; of course I freaked out and started yelling "Call 911! Call 911!" But Aaron said, "It's ok, he got out of the truck. He's ok. See that other truck is pulling over." The man was in front of us when he started to hydroplane, and Aaron switched lanes to get out of his way and we passed him just as the truck slid across the highway into the barrier. Luckily he was not going that fast, probably 40mph or something. Not awesome to hit a wall at 40mph, but better than 65 or 70. I felt really strange after seeing it and said a quick earnest prayer for our safety and that the man was not hurt too badly.

The baby-dogs were so happy to see us when we walked in the door. How can you not love coming home to jumpin' bean body waggin'finger lickin' tail spinnin' puppies? They were well taken care of for the whole 29 hours we were away; but you would have thought we'd left them for 72 days 6 hours and 41 minutes with no food, water, toys, warm blankets or poop breaks. And you know what? I like it like that.

So our Thanksgiving holiday is winding down. Bellies full of grilled cheese and tomato soup, house beginning to look like Christmas, inside warm and dry, together...

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