November 17, 2007


A lot has happened since I last posted.

We found out that Justy Tator has a brain tumor. It is scary and weird and shifted our world tremendously. But he and Audrey are shining examples of optimism. Taylor will have surgery after Thanksgiving to remove the brain booger; and will know much more about the road ahead once they have the tumor out. Please keep them in your prayers.

I also found out that I did not get accepted to the teacher certification program to which I had applied. I'm pretty disappointed on the one hand, you know. I was really excited about the prospect of going back to school and teaching by next August. But on the other hand, I just feel ok about it and I know I'm really where I'm supposed to be right now. I know God wanted me to make that commitment and decision to become a teacher and apply for that program and spend these past few months waiting and thinking about becoming a teacher and being excited about it. So the fact that this isn't the exact route or the time for me is ok. I know His plan is at work; maybe my focus will be needed elsewhere in the coming months. I gained a lot of momentum to pursue my teaching career, and I have not lost that. So all in all, I'm just at peace 'cause I'm trusting God to keep guiding me to where I'm supposed to be. Don't get me wrong, I am disappointed. But it feels more like I was really excited about going on a trip, and the plans changed.

Last Friday Aaron's company was a sponsor at a Golf Tournament, and the tournament needed someone to measure for the "longest ball" shot. Aaron got the job, so spent all day on the golf course.

Then Saturday morning, we were playing with the dogs and discovered two tics on Scoopie! EWWWWW! It makes me crazy to think there are tics around, so I had to do a thorough inspection of both dogs to make sure no gross little suckers were hiding. Aaron thought it was a prime photo op.

Aaron took Scoop to the vet yesterday because her little bottom was red and she was licking it too much for my liking. She did indeed have Swollen Anal Glands and had to have them expressed, which I think is very funny because Aaron was the one at the vet with her, and if you know Aaron, he has a very sensitive gag reflex to anything stinky and remotely having to do with bodily functions. So he had to stand there holding Scoop while the vet expressed the nasty, stinky liquid from her glands. When I got home, Aaron was showing me the medicine we have to put on her, excuse me while I giggle, anus. Of course, Aaron had out one of his leather work gloves because there was no way he was touching her poopoo-parts..heehee... but I told Scoopie it was ok, I would apply her medicine sans glove because that's what mommies do.

After the tic inspection, we headed out to the Texas Tailgaters for a little pregame fun. Scott and Gillian invited us to the game, which was a blast, especially since the Longhorns showed up and played a good game against Tech. It was the last home game of the season, so the stands were packed and the fans seemed particularly enthused. I was thankful the weather was beautiful and warm. For a mid-November game, we couldn't have asked for more perfect temperatures.

Bree and Megan were also in town for the game, Bree is a Red Raider, so we hung out with them at Scholtz's after the game. And, of course, we met for Las Manitas brunch on Sunday.

I've also started a Boot Camp class. Twice a week during lunch we run, squat, lunge, sprint, hop, lift, crunch, curl, hold, press, stretch, push, rinse and repeat for 45 minutes. A few ladies that I work with are in the class also, so we have a good time and talk about how sore we are the next day together. It's fun and it feels good to be back in the groove of some intense physical activity.

Aaron rented Spiderman 3 for me last night! Can you even believe I had not seen it yet?! Summer was kind of crazy with the opening of Pirates 3, Shrek the 3rd and Spiderman 3. We aren't the biggest movie-goers, so after our Pirates adventure, the other two tri-quel movies kind of slid under my radar. Anyway, S3 was good. I liked the twist of Peter Parker/Spidey battling an alter-ego, and that sometimes your worst foes become your best friends.

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