October 16, 2007


Yes, our back porch is a veritable wonderland for finding your beloved childhood creature-friends.

We have a pet frog on our back porch now. We actually call him Fred, not Kermit. No, I didn't rescue the little amphibian from the busy street so he wouldn't meet the fate of his brothers we find all the time on our walks. And no, I didn't fall in love with him at a pet store. And no, I'm not looking for a new Prince Charming.

Fred loves our back porch because we keep a nice fresh tub of water there for the dogs. Each evening, we find Fred soaking his tired hoppers in the water. Which also means, each evening the dogs find Fred soaking his tired hoppers in the water.

What ensues is always a good ten minutes of entertainment for Aaron and me.

It begins with Sadie and Scoop sniffing and snorting into the water forcing Fred from one corner to another until he finally decides to make a jump for it and LEAPS over the edge. From there, he makes a B-line to a chair where the dogs can't quite get to him. They are basically in a frenzy the moment Fred leaves the water tub, pawing, whining, circling.

Eventually Fred makes his way out from under the chair and plays his own real-life game of Frogger until he makes a triumphant LEAP off the porch.

He soon realizes these giant beasts, too, can jump off the island into the hot lava! (did you ever play that game, where you had to make your way around via climbing on furniture and never touch the hot lava floor?)

Sadie pounces and barks at Fred. Brave little dog, she is. Get that fierce frog, Sadie! Get it!

Scoop poses in downward dog with her nose so close Fred could lick it, and whines until Fred bravely JUMPS! and Scoop hurls herself backwards away from this flying long-legged mystery.

So, they follow Fred around the yard in this manner, pouncing and barking, whining and hurling, sniffing and snorting and pawing. . .through the grass, under the gutter drain, over the retaining wall, in the woodpile. . .

Inevitably, Scoop catches Fred and as he's splayed out flat (maybe a frog-reflex?), all four frog legs sticking out of Scoop's mouth, Aaron or I come to the rescue of our friend Fred and make Scoop drop him before she can do any real damage.

Scoop foams at the mouth, then returns to her water bowl to wash the chicken taste out of her mouth. The circle of life.

And there ends the evening's Fun with Fred the Frog.

See you tomorrow night, Fred.

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