December 20, 2009


So I was making Peppermint Bark this afternoon, and we had to call the fire department.

What?! Peppermint bark does not require fire!

I know, I know. It's the craziest thing! Let's just say it was a weed-eating mishap that caused the line on our propane tank to pop off and HISS propane into the air at an alarmingly loud decibel. Really loud. Like so loud our not-very-nearby neighbors could hear it. So loud I was pretty sure the air was going to explode or something.

And apparently, our propane company doesn't have an after-hours or emergency call number, so Aaron called 311, and they sent the fire department.

We heard the sirens headed our way... then they the wrong house. So Aaron got in the car and backed down our driveway at approximately 50 miles per hour. If you didn't already know, Aaron really likes to drive in reverse. And our driveway is really long, so there's room to get up to top speeds. I didn't see the need to fetch the fire truck at that speed in reverse, but, whatever.

So the firemen finally arrive, check it out, show us where the shut-off valve is (good to know), and all is well. Except we can't use the oven or stove and won't have hot water or heat until tomorrow when we can get the tank repaired.

All in all it was kind of fun. Our two-year-old neighbor Ethan had a blast walking around and around and around the firetruck. Then they came over after the hub-bub and Ethan helped me finish making the peppermint bark while we played his new favorite game.
Ethan: What's this?
Angela: Candy canes
Ethan:What's this?
Angela: Spatula
Ethan:What's this?
Angela: Light bulbs

I had grand plans tonight to make a lovely dinner, bake cookies and finish some gifts. Instead we made a fire in the fireplace, ordered a pizza and snuggled down on the couch under some warm blankets.

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Kari said...

I just laughed out loud. Thanks for that story. I needed a laugh =) Hope all was fixed today!