December 22, 2009


Only four days until THE actual for-real Christmas Day!

Here's how I've been decking the halls.

first, gather supplies:

next, get a snack:

then, get warmed up by making this Jolly pillow:

after that, test your sewing skillz and patience by making this poinsettia pillow:

take a step back and think that poinsettia pillow turned out not half-bad

move on to making THESE:

THESE may be my favorite thing. They are so merry and bright. I couldn't stop making them (just ask Aaron) so I gave some to a few friends at work too. So fun to spread the Christmas Cheer!

Then move on to growing this little Christmas Tree forest for Santa:

I love that this little Santa statue is feeding an apple to a deer:

finally, ask ATB to hang the JOY plates Momma made for me:

Ummm, I might leave things looking like this until July.


Stacy and John McTarnahan said...

How fun!! You're so creative!!

Layla G said...

the Christmas tree forest is adorable! what a great idea!! is that wrapping paper, or tissue paper???

HOW FESTIVE AND FUN, SWEET ANGELA! looks like a blast!

Happy Christmas

The Busseys said...

Thanks gals!
Layla, the trees are scrapbooking paper but you could make them from anything that can be rolled into a cone! Felt, wrapping paper, paper you decorate, Newspaper, magazines, cereal boxes, your imagination is the limit! You could even get fancy and glue on sequins, glitter, rick-rack, ribbon.... Or do that thing with little pieces of tissue paper twisted on a pencil eraser then dipped in glue! Oh my, I might just have to try that!!