November 03, 2008


In lieu of dressing up like ghosts, bobbing for apples or tricking anyone, Aaron and I decided to watch a scary movie on Halloween night to be in the spooky spirit of things. Aaron rented a scary movie and also The Hulk, which we ended up watching instead of the scary one. If you know me, you know I love campy action movies. The Hulk did not disappoint. Plus, hellooo, Edward Norton. We watched Iron Man a few weeks ago and it was also super-duper. On Friday, I was so glad we had seen Iron Man because the best part of The Hulk is literally the very last line of the whole movie - but you wouldn't know if you had not seen Iron Man. I love it and it makes me very excited. And if you don't know why, then get yourself down to the movie store and rent Iron Man and The Hulk then watch them in that order.

Saturday evening we met Rhett and Taylor at the 17th Annual Indian Powwow. It was interesting and I learned about the different costumes worn for the different dances, what the dances represent and that each Indian interprets the music uniquely. I also tried a traditional Indian food called Fry Bread. It's fried bread, like a bigger version of a Mexican sopapilla.

Aaron and Rhett sat watching seriously intent.

Meanwhile, Taylor and I sat on what we like to call 'the fun row'. We even joined the Indians during a "blanket dance" when the audience is invited to come to the floor and dance and leave a donation on a blanket for the tribe who is drumming and singing. It was very cool to walk along Indian-style in the midst of beautifully adorned dancers. The drum beat was entrancing. Okay, maybe not entrancing, but it sure was hard not to do the half-step and crouch.

Sunday morning, Aaron and I Walked for the Cure.
Aaron stopped along the route and bought me a latte at Jo's. We crossed the finish line, then took our time strolling along Town Lake to get back to the car before heading to Pluckers for some hot wings. Mmmmm, messy.

We spent the rest of the afternoon piddling around, doing errands. One of which was purchasing a rat trap! Eeeeeeeek!

Aaron has been doing some testing with peanuts and dog food and has come to the conclusion there is a rat sneaking into the garage at night. Aaron put the trap out last night, and I heard it snap while I was up at 3:30 a.m. (see next paragraph), but I did not dare go look because I was too scared. I told Aaron I'd heard it snap, but when we checked, the bait was gone, the trap was snapped, but no critter! Hmmmm, I'm sure things will get serious with the baiting and trapping tonight. Whatever it is, it doesn't know who they are messing with.

I won't go into detail about what we came home to Sunday afternoon. I'll just tell you that Scoopie kept us up all last night because she is diarreahific and needed to go outside every hour. Awesome.


Darrell said...

took me a momemt to pick you out on the "blanket dance" video - because you looked so much like one of the indians - albeit a blond indian - looks like a really fun time

Silverthornes said...

sounds like some fun adventures!