November 06, 2008



Within 24 hours, I saw three things that made me shake in my boots. No, one was not Barak Obama giving his acceptance speech.

One: A Tarantula hanging out on the ceiling of our back porch. Ask me how long I stood out there looking up at it while the possibility of it falling down from the ceiling onto my face raced through my mind. The answer would be I did not go outside at all. Aaron took this picture, because well, OF COURSE he would.

Shakin' in my boots factor: 4

Two: A Opossum hanging out in a trashcan. (I'm having a really hard time typing a opossum instead of an opossum...) Aaron and I walked out of a bookstore last night and were greeted by a weasely, or I guess a opossumy little head and paws peeking out of a nearby trashcan. I squealed, which must have startled the thing because he lost his grip and fell back down into the can. So I stuck my hand in and snapped a photo.

You might know that if you click on photos, a larger version opens. The large version of this photo makes me scream out loud! Eeeeeeeeeek!

Shakin' in my boots factor: 7

Three: A Rat, a dead one. Aaron trapped the rat that was sneaking into our garage. I was thankful Aaron had disposed of the evidence before I got home yesterday so I wouldn't happen upon the scene. But after seeing the tarantula and the opossum, I could not miss the opportunity to blog about all these gross things, so I went to the garbage and took this picture.

The large version of this photo makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth. Groooosss!

Shakin' in my boots factor: 9.5 (only because it was not alive)

This is possibly the grossest post ever on this blog. I wish the pictures of the animals weren't in dark trashcans. I wish I'd been able to catch the opossum peeking out of the trashcan, because that was more funny than gross. And if I'd been able to snap a shot of the dead rodent during daylight and from an angle that didn't have its beady little eyes glaring at you.... anyway, here's a cute picture of Scoopie to make up for the gross pictures.

The larger version of this picture melts my heart. Awwwwwww.

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