November 17, 2008


A few weeks ago, one of the employees at the car wash where Aaron worked was let go. The man lives in the trailer park near the car wash, which is also near our house. Aaron would often give him a ride home from work so the man wouldn't have to ride his bike on the busy highway. Aaron would also buy him lunch occasionally. And Aaron even cleaned out his closet so he could give a bunch of his clothes to the man. I have been asking Aaron to clean out his closet for eight years.

After this man was let go, he called Aaron to find out if there was anything he could do for Aaron to earn a little money while he looked for another job. Aaron agreed to have the man come do some yard work at our house, and paid him generously for the two and a half hours of labor. I was skeptical at first. I wasn't sure I wanted this man to know where we lived. I wasn't sure I could justify paying him to do work Aaron could easily do. But I trust Aaron's judgement, and he knew this man was in need. So he came and worked hard, did a really good job, and I never had the feeling that it was a bad idea.


Recently, Aaron told me he had conquered one of his fears and done something he'd never done before. He picked up a hitchhiker. Aaron ran into a man at a gas station who looked like he needed a ride, so Aaron asked him where he was going and took him there. It wasn't far, but Aaron said his own heart was pounding the whole time they were driving. They arrived at the destination and the man was very appreciative.

Aaron does stuff like this all the time. More often than I'm aware, I'm sure of it. He is a true servant. He is generous and unselfish and I love him.

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