October 04, 2008


Aaron went to do a few errands last night. When he came home, he had picked up two things for me while he was out. Two things I had not mentioned that I needed or wanted; two things I had not asked him to get while he was out.

My hair dryer died a few weeks ago, so I started using my travel hair dryer. It's perfectly fine, except that it doesn't seem to work well if I'm not holding it exactly upright. Have you ever blow dried your hair? Have you ever been able to do it without tilting the dryer a little bit or even turning it upside down, especially if you're trying to master those fancy styling techniques your hairdresser uses in the salon? Needless to say, I've been struggling a little bit with the hair dryer.

Aaron brought me an awesome new hair dryer last night. Just exactly what I would've picked out, with the little extender attachment and everything. The cool thing about this is that I never so much as peeped about the crazy dryer to Aaron. He just noticed that I was having trouble in the mornings and probably witnessed a few frustrated harrumphs! and so last night while he was at the store, he thoughtfully wandered over to the hair dryer aisle and pondered which model and wattage would be best and picked one for me.


I love making my coffee in a coffee press. I mean, I really really leeerrrv it. I make it every morning. And sometimes in the evening. I usually hand wash (or kind of slosh water around to rinse out) my press every day, but for some reason the other night I decided to stick it in the dishwasher. Bad idea. I'm pretty sure it's dishwasher safe, but I was kicking myself when the delicate glass beaker came out cracked because I knew, I knew, as I was putting it in that it probably wasn't a good idea.

So yesterday morning, Aaron walked in the kitchen as I stood with half-dry hair crying into my cracked coffee press. He did some testing and determined it would be okay to use. (For the record, I wasn't really crying. I was actually standing stone still staring intently at the crack as though I could melt the glass back together if I just wanted it badly enough.)

Last night, after Aaron gave me the hair-dryer and I had calmed down and was done gushing about how awesome and thoughtful he was and how sweet to notice my hair-drying woes, he goes and pulls out a new coffee press! Now even though he knew how distraught I had been over the cracked beaker, I had not mentioned getting a new one. Especially since I could still (carefully) use the cracked one. But Aaron was so sweet to know how much I enjoy my coffee and that I would eventually need a new one, and that, Heaven forbid, he walk in the kitchen on the morning the crack becomes a break and there is coffee, coffee grinds, glass and one upset un-caffeinated wife staring intently at the mess.

I am so glad I married such a thoughtful man. He is always thinking of others - offering a coworker a ride home, sharing things (books, music, cheese) with his friends he thinks they might enjoy, emailing a YouTube link to make someone laugh, noticing when anyone needs a koozie.

He is always showing me in little ways that he is paying attention to who I am and thinking of me. (Now if I can just get him to catch on that putting his dishes in the dishwasher would put me over the moon. Just kidding. kind of.) Seriously, though, this is about how much my husband rocks, and He Does. I appreciate his thoughtful thoughts. And I love him.

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DREW! said...

I'll try not to take issue with the fact Aaron has never attempted to share cheese with me. And when I say "try," I of course mean weep silently at my computer....